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Clare Shields is a freelance surface print designer working on projects for the fashion, giftware, interiors and stationery industries. After a brief period working in luxury fashion marketing, last year she returned to her passion for illustration and print design and started creating visual ideas for various international studios. Using a mixture of pencil and ink drawing, painting and digital manipulation, Clare likes to tell a visual story.

Clare studied Art and Design at London College of Fashion and then a BA in Textile design at Heriot Watt University in the Scottish Borders. During and after her studies she completed internships with Alexander Mcqueen, Alice Kettle, Tatler, Eskandar and Scott Ramsey Kyle.

Her design work has been published in International Textiles and Images 32, she has exhibited at the DegreeArt gallery in east London, with the Association of Illustrators and a solo exhibition sponsored by east London networking site Designers Are Wankers.

Alongside her design work, Clare also sells limited edition giclee prints via art galleries and online shops. A recent artwork, which was released on the 23rd March, donates 50% of the proceeds to the Japanese Tsunami Appeal. The print is currently for sale at and


I create dysfunctional jewellery for dysfunctional people.
I live near Glasgow, Scotland and I started creating jewellery for myself last year. I'd never been much of a fan of the selection of alternative mass produced jewellery available and could rarely find items I loved. So, I decided to just create my own, the way I wanted them!
Now I am still creating jewellery for myself but I also want to share my creations! I love coming up with my own ideas but I also welcome custom pieces.
I have many interests and likes so my creations aren't made with one material and they can't be defined by one theme. However, I do love working with Gothic themed pieces, antique bronze findings and natural beads. I have recently started creating my own beads and pendants from fimo so that I can offer truly one of a kind handmade items.



 I started making jewelry as an antidote to my day job as a Recruitment Consultant.  Being a Recruitment Consultant is a great thing to do as you help find people jobs and help them locate the career path that suits them but it doesn't get your creative juices flowing! I love everything about making jewelry, from getting inspiration from the most random of things - looking at nature, architecture or the way the peel comes off an orange if you do it in one go with a sharp knife! - to making and finishing a piece that someone is going to feel special wearing. I have been lucky enough to have been taught by two really inspiring teachers who have encouraged me to go with my instincts and find my 'voice'.

I'm a Londoner and in fact a cockney (although I don't have the accent!) and think it's a great place to be with its fantastic mix of cultures, choice of entertainment and beautiful green spaces.  I have a beautiful teenage son who keeps me up to date with what's cool and who I try my hardest to embarrass!


 live in England and travel the world, creating artwork that connects people to other people and places.  I use our animal and plant counterparts as symbols in order to examine human social structures and complex relationships.  I want us to appreciate other living beings and empathize with their struggles just as we would our own. 

Animals and plants have always been dear to me, having grown up in the woods of Virginia with an assortment of pets. I find that we relate to human narratives more deeply when told through our animal and plant counterparts and so I paint them to help us understand ourselves.

I received my MFA in Painting at Savannah College of Art and Design and my BFA in Studio Art and Creative Writing from Sweet Briar College. I met my wonderful husband and best friend when we were both studying abroad at the University of Oxford. I also trained with a Grand Master in Vietnamese Powerful King Yoga and have been practicing yoga for over fifteen years. I had the pleasure of teaching college art courses in Virginia and currently work as an artist in Cambridge, UK.


I come home from work looking forward to a new soap recipe thats been brewing in my mind for a while.  Changing textures, oils, butters, scents till i get it just right....and then deciding on shapes, moulds and sizes.

My work is kept simple, using natural and simple blends, ingredients, scents and colours, my packaging is also kept simple..yet rustic and homely.

I was born in Stoke newington, London, and have lived locally for over 30 years, the old village character still remains in this vibrant up and coming part of central london.  Cafes, small bespoke shops all selling original local items...and of course our Saturday farmers market...just cant be missed.  This whole atmosphere sums me up in a few words.....homely and local.


Katy And The Happiness 
I'm  London based designer and dressmaker creating unique, vintage inspired, high quality clothing.


Handmade clothes for the Curvy Woman

I have always enjoyed creating and making my own clothes. In the past I made clothes for a local shop selling to plus size women which sadly has closed, so I understand the frustration in obtaining clothing that is fashionable and stylish, for those of us that do not fit the cat walk shape.

I live in Essex in the UK and work for a voluntary organisation as a co-ordinator, empowing people to regain control of their lives. Although I enjoy my job, I also enjoy working with fabrics and my shop Rose Glen on Etsy allows me to indulge in this passion. I was introduced to Etsy by my daughter and so Rose Glen was born, where I create women clothes in size 12 to 30. All the items in my shop are handmade by myself and. I buy one off pieces of fabric, this means I cannot always reproduce an item. But this make it even more special as you are getting a one off item that is unique to you. I am happy to take customers orders, so if you see something you ike and would like it in a different size, please contact me and lets talk..
You can find me here!/curveycheeks

Sarah Evans
I'm a freshly graduated illustrator from Wales. My main love is print, especially screen-printing and stamping. I hate giving out shiny mass-produced cards to my friends and family so just down right refuse to do it. I thought maybe other people feel the same so I've started to make some of my cards to sell online. At the moment my range is very small but hopefully with time it will grow. The attached picture is of a card included in one of two Monty Python card sets I've created and is of a quote from one of my favourite sketches


My name is Chiara (“makissima”, the name of my Etsy shop is actually a funny nick-name given by some friends), I'm Italian but currently based in Dublin.

Before now I used to live in Venice, Killarney (Ireland) and briefly in Japan.
I work in a Children Museum and my drawing activity is concentrate to explore the coloured world that lived (and sometimes still does!) in our childhood.
I've been drawing all my life, never thinking of making a work out of it, not even when attending a School of Arts! :)
This is my first "official" attempt and I hope it will help me to improve and make new discoveries!

Those are the links to my Etsy Shop:
Facebook page:
and brand new blog:


Sew Sweet Violet

Bio: My name is jooles, I get great pleasure from crafting lovely things, i just love handmade. I just can't help myself... sew, knit, crochet, bake, I could go on but don't want to bore you!
I design and stitch all of my items with high quality materials, they are all unique and original.

here is my shop link:


Natalia Lovat
I live in Surrey, England, with my wonderful husband, two children, one fat cat & two goldfish!

Being creative has been my life passion. I have loved fashion, textiles and everything sparkly since I was a little girl. My granny was a huge inspiration, always very glamorous and dressed to perfection. Her wardrobe and jewellery was a huge dressing up box full of 40's and 50's treasures. She really inspired my love for fashion, crafts and all things sparkly and dressing up.

I have a degree in Knitwear design and worked in the fashion industry for many years. I was very lucky to travel to India through my work as well as Paris and London Fashion weeks. I have always loved jewellery which lead me back to college to take up a course in silver jewellery.

Using the experience I gained from working in fashion and my love for jewellery I started to make and design my own jewellery range, Natalia Lovat.

Natalia Lovat jewellery is unique as each piece is a one off, no two pieces are the same. As well as working in silver I use vintage beads, vintage jewellery, up-cycled beads & jewellery and semi-precious stones to create beautiful unique jewellery.

I love finding amazing beads and charms and turning them into something wonderful. I do get attached to my jewellery, but I love seeing people wearing it and enjoying it. There is always a new find waiting around the corner to get excited about.

Hello and welcome! This is my story......

It all began when my daughter fell in love with a Steampunk necklace. Sadly, that necklace had already been sold, but we both loved the style so much, I soon began experimenting with designs myself. Eventually I created a necklace as a gift for her. She lives and works in London and whenever she wore the necklace, people asked her about it. They were intrigued and wanted to see more of my designs.

So Pennyfarthing Designs was born. I hope you enjoy your visit but please call again soon as I will be adding more items regularly.

Oh, and if you happen to see a beautiful young woman wearing my designs around London, please say Hi because she is probably my daughter!


Hand stamped cards made by Cassandra in Hackney, London.

All my cards feature classic and simple hand stamped designs. I really love to make cards with a "less is more" approach, and I also love to use more old fashioned and subtle designs.

I use recycled card to make all of my cards as well as recycled envelopes and bio-degradable sleeves to protect the cards.

All cards are left blank inside for your own message.

If you have any questions or enquiries regarding personalized cards of any sort please do drop me a line as I would love to help if I can.



Jooles said...

It is really lovely reading about everybody and seeing their lovely items.
thankyou so much for featuring my shop and bunting

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What great finds!

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Thank you for featuring my shop & necklace! Love seeing what other people are making and reading about them, great idea for a blog.
Natalia :-)

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Thank you for hosting this post, it great reading about other peoples stories

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brienna said...

What gorgeous company to find myself with on your lovely blog! Thank you so much for the honor of sharing my Cloud tree and painting links ;o)


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Thank you so much for featuring me on your blog, its great to see such diversity in creativity in one place, keep up the good work!

Artigiana Jewellery said...

Very interesting read. Great to get an understanding of what inspires people and to see such a beautiful range of work.

Thank you for including me


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Thanks for featuring my shop! You have some great sellers on your blog :)
Kirsty x

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