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Hi! My name is Gracie Beal, and I am a earring designer!

I've been designing and making earrings since before my own ears were pierced. I've been creative for such a long time, sculpting with my hot pink Play-Doh as a kid to making a tissue paper floral arrangement for my mom for Mother's Day.
If I can make it, I will; my friends laugh at me because if I see something I like I'll google it and try to find a tutorial on how to make it! I'm really passionate about my work, which really helps due to the unfortunate fact that there are so many people out there who make jewelry. On days when I get up and sales have been slow, I'll slap a smile on my face because I know that I'm lucky enough to even have the opportunity to create what I want. I'm really thankful for the opportunity I've had to expand my little business, from making my first pair of earrings to selling to my first shop to buying my first Etsy listing! I'm always excited to list something new on my Etsy, look at what I can do!


My grandmother taught me to sew when I as 8 years old and I was using the sewing machine with ease by 10. Now, I'm 56 and sewing/crafting have always been a part of my life. Hubby and our 3 grown children have always supported and encouraged me through out the years. Our two girls were never interested in learning any type of craft or seiwng while they were growing up, however they both love crafts now and are very creative! Which is super exciting to me!
My business name might be somewhat confusing, so here is a little history on POP embroidery.
When I started my online selling venture, almost 2 years ago, I was designing scrapbook albums. We moved from GA to NC last Summer and during the unpacking, I set up my embroidery machine. Realizing how much I missed sewing and embroidery I focused on that venue. In an attempt to keep the online marketing I had built, POP embroidery by PaperOnParade was born.



My family is very important to me and that is why I quit working out of the home after I had my daughter. Then I had my son and with all the medical issues we had with him. I knew I did not want to return to work while he was going thru all his stuff.  He spit up as a baby. Yea ya say all babies to. Well his came up so bad all day long it came thru his nose and he stopped breathing. He did not sleep longer then 3 hours at the longest for over the first year. Found out he was not producing enough Growth Hormone on his own. So    in trying to keep this short he went on Growth Hormone Therapy that meant a Daily Shot before bed each night I started to look for something to do that could bring extra $ to try and pay for our medical bills.  I was getting frustrated in trying to find something. Then one day I ordered a Hair Bow for my daughter from someone online and when it came I thought I could make that.  So I went and got a roll of ribbon and BAM! There it was.  I started to sell them online in a baby group I belonged to then it took off and I created my own website.  Hair Bows is relaxing work to me while I am hand folding them and creating them.  I love coming up with different ideas.  Now that my daughter is older and seems to be a creative person herself she brings me ideas and I go from there


Witty hearts

My name is Mitty  I create unique and bright hand painted, fairtrade heart-themed tees and cards with the main mission of brightening up your day a little bit more. We truly believe that feeling happy in what you wear, can lead you to feel more confident and ultimately more happy. 

This little venture started with a sleepy doodle that with a bit of magic has morphed into the wonderful world of Witty Hearts :)    The symbol of the heart is universal and embodies so many exciting and inspiring aspects of the the human character. Representing things from loyalty to love, fun to friendship. No matter who you are, everyone is concerned with matters of the heart!

About me:

Raised in Woodstock , NY area, I was surrounded by creative people my entire life.  My grandparents were in the Antiques business and started me collecting by the age of about two!  I always have loved vintage clothing of all decades and preferred these to new clothing or jewelery, even as a teenager.  My passion for vintage and antiques grew as I discovered Europe and the big wide world in highschool and the influences of many different cultures and history.  I now live full time in the UK and spend every second free traveling about exploring and seeking out those lost treasures.  It's a delight to share my vintage/antiques/eclectic treasures in my Etsy shop, Retromagination.  A day is just not complete without some new discovery!

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