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Hi!  I'm Evan Rebekah Bryant, better known as Evan Becky on Etsy.  I'm from near Greenville, SC and am extremely proud of my Southern accent and love of sweet tea.  I started crocheting about 12 years ago when I was in the 7th grade.  My great grandmother, Ma Epps, crocheted, but my grandmother didn't pick up the skill, and my father really had no interest in learning it, so it skipped two generations.  I checked out a book at the library, taught myself, and have been looping my yarn up ever since.  I just recently started writing patterns after a few years of making stuff up off the top of my head, but never writing them down.  I'm finding writing patterns to be a challenge, and I'm making a lot of similar objects in different colors or with slight variations in order to get sizing right.  My pattern writing is also making me notorious for carrying around a big zebra striped tote bag filled with balls of yarn with half finished projects attached to most of them and a scrappy little composition book filled with illegible notes.  
My favorite thing to make is baby hats.  You can put something on a young'uns head that is far beyond cute that on an adult would just look silly.  I also like making hats for babies that look like little versions of big people hats.  I make shoes to go with the hats, but they aren't nearly as much fun to me.  My favorite material to work with is undoubtedly cotton yarn.  It's just so soft and so versatile.  It comes in so many bright colors and creates such clean lines and stitches that I find it hard to use anything else nowadays.   
When I'm not crocheting and writing patterns, I'm a Medical Technologist by profession.  I know it's something completely out of the art field, but I really enjoy it.  If I'm not crocheting and not at my "real job" I'm hanging out with my husband of almost 3 years, Dave, and our beast of a Black Labrador Retriever, Ike, named for the hurricane that stirred around in the Carribean and eventually hit Galveston, TX in 2008.
You can check out my blog at for my random ramblings and a few freebies.
My Etsy shop is at

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