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Saltbay Farm Soapworks

Nothing can be better than handmade soap....I will be received some soon and will post my comments but in the mean time take a look at these beautiful products

About Saltbay Farm Soapworks

I live on the coast of Maine and have a love for all things natural. I have been organic gardening for years. I decided to take my love of all things natural and make a batch of soap. I gave that soap out to friends and before long....I had them asking for more.

So here I am! I am so excited to bring to you these wonderful and fragrant handmade soaps. I hope you enjoy them and visit me often.
Here at SaltbayFarm Soapworks we fully believe that you should not be showering with all kinds of junk in your soap. What's the point? We use nothing but vegetable and plant based oils....never animal by-products.

The soaps that I make are made in small batches to ensure that the quality stays top notch. These are hand poured, hand mixed and hand cut. IThese soaps would be perfect to take along on your next road trip, stuff in your gym bag....hey it will make your gym clothes smell better I am sure of that! Or put them in a pretty basket for your guest. This is a lovely way of making them feel special.


khammond1 said...

Thanks so much!!! Once you try these will never want to use that commercial chemical fill bar again. I promise!

Louise Knits said...

i cant wait!!!

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