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Now for something Different!  Pottery is something I can just not do so I admire those  who can.

Check out Kelli's work HERE

My name is Kelli Spackman. My shop, KanalyArts, is after my maiden name which is Kanaly. I was hoping to get a few of my sisters to join me with their arts and crafts but so far no one else has. During the week days I'm a Human Resource Manager for an Engineering company. Evenings and weekends I'm a potter. I've done pottery for years but much more the past few years. I've always just done it for relaxation and just love the process of forming the clay and it gradually turning into something (some good, some not so good). My taste is all over the place. My sister and I tease each other about having pottery attention deficit since we bounce around constantly in our styles and materials. We've taken a few trips to see pottery and attend a few workshops for the fun of it.

Before Etsy I'd never sold anything. I occasionally gave pieces away. Really didn't even do that too much -- not a whole lot of confidence and my reward was in the process. The earlier in the process the more I like it.

Recently, however, I realized my pottery studio was full. I had nowhere to put my stuff. I was self-concious about giving it away and selling it. But finally in the interest in gaining more space (to fill with more pottery) I started placing items on Etsy. I told some friends and sold a few, have gained some confidence and have now put a lot more pieces on Etsy. Now I am trying to figure out how to get people to my Etsy shop so they don't just sit out there!

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Kelli said...

Thanks Louise!
I love the variety of products and people featured. I'll be back to visit regularly.

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