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I am a true Canadian girl, one that has the need to stay honest to the simple life. I grew up spending summers at our cottage with no running water and no electricity. The only improvement that have been made to that cottage is an old fashioned hand pump that brings ice cold water into the kitchen. I still love to wash dishes by hand.
The simple things are what got me to love the idea of saturated colour and light.

Above all else I try to listen to the right noise, celebrate anything off the wall and give back all of my creative energy while still having fun. 

My addictions to all things creative have driven me to the light. The transparencies of watercolor, the glow of pastel and the brilliance of glass all feed my need to participate in their energies. Mostly self-taught, I am drawn to discover how to move through the dark and light with color. 

I have a studio overlooking the Ottawa River, which brings me great joy and inspiration. The ever changing sky, the oak tree ridge twisting through the Canadian Shield, the sound of rushing rapid waters, the lonely jack pine at the river’s edge and the regal wild life, all stimulate my senses. 

Fused Glass lets me work with material that lasts forever. Even the broken and unsuccessful pieces are all recycled in the next creation. Some of my work has gone through my hands and my kilns many times. The glass is melted to 1445 degrees Fahrenheit, cooled slowly, slumped to 1225 degrees Fahrenheit, hand polished, carved and possibly kiln polished again to 1300 degrees Fahrenheit. This process I repeat for every tiny piece, which is often combined with other pieces that had their own journey.

I love every minute of my work with glass. I also love to share the product and the end result. I would love to bring the buyer into my studio with a virtual experience. This is easily done with custom work.
I hope my work evokes my passion for light and colour.


Rosemary Driscoll


Saturations said...

Thanks so much for featuring my shop. You are my first so it will go down in history.

It is great to get the support.

Thanks again.


Louise Knits said...

hey your work is amazing!!!

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