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Our names are Sarah and Tiff and we started Mistle and Toe, an eco-friendly design store. We are from Ohio and Minnesota respectively and became fast friends when we met in college. We love the creative possibilities and challenges of upcycling things to keep them out of the landfill and still make them beautiful! There seems to be a stigma around re-using goods, and we love the challenge of re-thinking and re-creating them into purposeful things once again. There is always a surplus of stuff, so what's not to create?

At Mistle & Toe, you will find recycled fashion, recycled decor, and eco-friendly gifts. We create recycled jewelry, upcycled wall art, and home decor accessories. Mistle & Toe turns old sweaters, grill racks, records, tshirts, picture frames, maps, and milk cartons into amazing finds, such as jewelry racks,record bowls, tshirt scarves, fine art, decorative ornaments, and recycled wallets. 

1 comment:

Reshma said...

Good feature! Checked Mistle and Toe store and quite liked the T shirt scarf necklaces! Very unique!

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