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Designs By Aly.
If you are looking for a Mother's day gift - or just some handmade jewelry for yourself, take a look at what Aly creates. You can find her on line store HERE

This is what Aly has to say:

In a nutshell, I'm a SAHM to my three kiddos (7, 6 and 2 1/2) which can be mentally and physically exhausting :). Since my kids are getting a bit older, I really needed some hobbies to keep myself sane and give me some time to myself.

 I delved into making handcrafted jewelry and handmade pillow covers because making something from scratch is so relaxing to me. I had a family member who would make and sell jewelry when I was growing up and it was always so interesting to me - I would sit and watch them for hours - I think I knew then that I would eventually get into jewelry making one day.  My love of sewing started in the seventh grade (1990) - we had to take Home Economics as an elective and prior to that I'd done absolutely no sewing or cooking - and I actually ended up falling in love with both.  

I love sitting down in my studio, laying out my tools and beads and just getting lost in making my jewelry or sitting at my sewing machine and listening to the hum of the machine as I crank out handmade pillow covers or curtains. I personally believe in selling the best quality items I can. 

My jewelry is made of precious and semiprecious gemstones. I go out of my way to be able to acquire AAA quality stones because I think everyone deserves to wear the best not "just good enough." My pillow covers are all designer fabric front and back and double stitched for durability. I love, love, love custom orders and have recently gotten into making wedding, bridal, bridesmaid, design-your-own jewelry.

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