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Top Down Sweater Free pattern

I have had many request for this pattern so i will try do my best to write it down.
You will need about 100gms of yarn and needles to go with the yarn you choose. This pattern will fit most ages as  using larger needles and thicker yarn  will make it bigger! If you know how to enlarge patterns that would help.

I used 5 mm needles and medium thick yarn and this was the right size for 4-5 year old

The first and last 5 stitches are always K for the button hole band and edge
Button holes are made after the first 4 rows and then every 10.
Choose the length to end after a button hole plus 4 rows.

Cast on 73 sts
Knit 3 rows.
Make button hole on 4th row, knit to last 4 sts, k2tog YO k2
Increase 7 sts evenly.

Establish raglan:
1:Wrong side - purl  (always K the 1st and last 5 sts)
2: Right Side: K5 (the front band)
K1 front and back of the next stitch (an increase)
place marker
K1 b and B
K 1 F and B
place marker
K1 F and B
K 1 F and B
place marker
K 1 F and B
K 8
K 1 F and B
Place marker
K 1 F and B
K 12 (and K 5 for band)

Next row, purl
Next and following alternate rows:
K till one stitch before marker
K 1 F and B - pass marker onto right needle K1 F and B
etc etc
next row Purl

Kepp on like this, increasing, until there are 37 sts in the fronts, 48 sts in the sleeves and 62 sts in the back.

Knit till the 1st marker. Knit the 48 sleeve sts and turn.
Knit 6 rows on these 48 sts. (k1 row, P the other)
K 5 rows all in K
cast off.

Knit the stitches on the back till the sleeve marker
knit the 48 sleeve stitches and turn

Knit 6 rows on these 48 sts. (k1 row, P the other)
K 5 rows all in K
cast off.

Knit the remaining sts of the front.
Turn and knit all the stitches together
This will be the body with no seams.

Knit till the desired lenght.

Cast Off.
Sew up the under arm seams
Add buttons and some embellishment if you like

Hope this makes sense!!!

Below are some variations using the same pattern with a bit of tweaking!

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