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Knit an easy baby hat

Most of the patterns i have found ask for circular needles - which for some reason i rarely i have adapated a couple of patterns and turned up with this one.

I used a Dk type of yarn an 4.5mm needles (not too sure of the US conversion!)
Cast on 160 sts and knit 4 rows all in knit - this is for the little frilled edge.

next row K2tog to end up with 80 sts.

Thats the basis of the hat.

After 8 rows of K and P i got bored so i added some eyelets (k 4 k2 together, yarn over needle knit 4 etc but you can omit this or add your own designs)

I digress..

after about 22 rows or 2 1/2 " its time to start decreasing


K8, k2 together till end

next row and all wrong side rows purl

k7, k2 together..till end

K6 2 tog till end

you get the idea....

When you have 4 or 5 stitches left STOP!

these will form the little cord on top that you can tie, leave loose, stick a pom pom on...whatever!

Now you have to knit a cord.

Change to double pointed needles:

knit one row. Do not turn the work.
Slide the stitches to the other end of the DPN without turning the work.
Knit a second row by bringing the yarn behind the work and starting with the first stitch. Tug the work from the bottom after each first stitch to help it to take shape and to even out the tension.
Repeat until you get the length required...
once you get the hand of its its real fun!!!.
If anyone tries this oh so simple hat id love so see the results!

For those who did not understand my instructions here are some notes:
I used regular needles until the i cord, then i changed to double pointed.
I DID sew up the hat (if you use DP all the way you dont need to!)
The row after the eyelet hole row is all in purl
Decrease after  2 1/2 inches from cast on (or more if you are using larger needles or making a larger hat)

Please bear in mind that I am not a professional pattern writer - i write these up as i knit, so these instructions may not be suitable for a beginner who cannot improvise.


Anonymous said…
I'm new at did you use regular needles until you changed to to the cord? I didn't see any seaming directions.
Unknown said…
A cute hat but are the instructions complete? Do you use round or straight needles? What do you do with the I cord? Another anonymous
Anonymous said…
very cute little hat - but I too have a question about what type needles to use. I would say that the
i-cord is an extension of the 5 stitches left on top, which then can be tied into a knot - which looks very cute.
size 4.5 mm = size 7
Anonymous said…
Are we to assume after the Yarn over row, the next row do we slip the yarn over off the needle to make the hole? Cute hat but need more directions.
gayle said…
I consider myself an experienced knitter, and I'm also confused. At the point where you start the i-cord you say to change to dble point needles - I had assumed you were using dble points since you said you rarely used circular needles. Please give us a little more direction. I love the hat.
Anonymous said…
Really cute pattern!I understand exactly what she is saying about the eyelet pattern.You knit 4 stitches,then knit 2 together,then yarn over and knit 4 keep repeating this over and over to get to the end.As far as the needles go that is easy too: straight single pointed needles till you get to the cord then you change to double pointed needles.And it's common sense as far as the seam is concerned you sew the sides together.I'v e made different patterns like this and that is how it is done.If you think the hat or bonnet might come off to easy you can always use the cord pattern to make two straps to tie the bonnet on.Needle size:look at a needle conversion chart for the size.
rosemeds said…
Hi I am Rose from Massachusetts, I would like to know if you can do this pattern on round needles?

Thank you
Anonymous said…
I am a beginner and this pattern is going really well for me. I am, however, using circular needles and joined the seam after the first row. So, I am knitting the hat in a "round". Makes for a softer seam. Love how the ruffle looks! I have two friends having twins and a roommate from grad school pregnant with her first baby. They are all getting one (or two)!!
RS said…
I absolutely adore this little hat! Did you knit on circular needles? If so, what length of needles and would I knit a row and purl a row to get the knit look for the ruffled edge? Thank you for sharing this. Can't wait to try it.
Anonymous said…
Sure is a cute hat. Double knit yarn needs size 6 needles; you can use straight or round. Knitting 4 rows with straight needles creates an edge in garter stitch. If you use round, you would alternate knit and purl rows. The rest of the hat in stockinette stitch can be all knitting on round.
The yarn-over is knit on the next round; it is to balance out the k2together.
You don't have to use the I-cord; you can end it at 4 0r 5 stitches. But the cord, which can be knotted or not, is cute, especially when you are making a plain beanie for a baby boy. Hope this helps.
RS said…
Thank you for your response...helps VERY MUCH!
Julie Witt said…
This hat was SO easy to knit! I knit it on circular size 7 needles until I got to the decreases and then I switched to DPNs. I also made the little I-cord on the top (the first time I've ever done that, yay!) and I didn't have any trouble following your instructions. It was short and sweet, it took me about 24 hours total, and I am posting a pic on your Facebook page, for anyone who wants to see it! Thanks for the great pattern, and I was wondering if it is on Ravelry so I can post my pics and project on there? Please drop me a note on my Ravelry page at jwitt33. Thanks again :)
Wren D. said…

This chart comes in handy for converting needle sizes. I refer to it often.
RS said…
Julie...your hat is so cute!! I finished one as well that I knitted on straight needles and it turned out so darling. I don't know how to post a picture or I would!:) I'm going to start another one in a lighter weight yarn. So much fun!
RS said… more question...what length circular needles did you use?
Nancy said…
I knit hats for preemies and donate them to neo natal units at local hospitals. I adapted this pattern and downsized it a bit for my preemies. It is adorable. Very easy, and can be finished in no time. Thank you.
lacegal said…
I can't wait to make this for my brand new grandnephew! Guess I can't use the ruffle, but definitely I'll use the eyelets!
Julie sparks said…
Love this pattern and had no problems following it - am going to try making 2 i-cords to tie in a bow on my next one - also did 4 rows of the eyelets moving each one over 2 sts and 2 rows of knit in between. Will send pic.
Anonymous said…
I am a new knitter and I love this baby hat. I am using size 7 cir. needles and switching to dp needles. How do i end up with five stitches. Is that on all 4 dp needles? Thank you for your help
lucinda said…
keep decreasing until you end up with 5 sts total
Anonymous said…
I used double-point sz 3.5mm (US sz 4) throughout and Lana Grossa Marino Superfein (wool) yarn. Tried acrylic, but results were horrible - no elastic quality. To verify size I referred to and found it very helpful. My hat turned out to be 17" around at base (above the ruffle) and 4.75" from top of ruffle to bottom of loop at crown. I think this will fit a 6 month old baby. I'm happy with it!
Anonymous said…
Loved the pattern when I saw it and had to try it right off. I used DPNS size 6 (4.5 mm), dotted yarn for the frill and pink doubled fingerling yarn for the hat. The 160 stitches made it way to large as I was looking for and infant size hat. Reduced cast on stitches to 112 and reduced to 56 sts after the frill and basically followed the pattern from there except I added another eyelet row/rnd. I did the i cord and knotted it. This was the cutest baby girl hat I've ever made!!! Thank you so much for posting this pattern. :) Barbara O'Neill Cape Breton, Nova Scotia
janeysue said…
I love this little hat but what size is it for and do you have a guage reading for it. You have some great disigns and I have enjoyed cruizing the patterns. The hat does look like it would be for an older girl and I am looking for 6 months or so.
Shoshana said…
Our oldest daughter just had twin girls (this makes 10 for her!), so I'm excited to make this hat -- twice! Would a narrow ribbon be possible for the eyelets as well?
Anonymous said…
a narrow ribbon would be beautiful!!
RobbieRobeen said…
This hat is cute as can be and I had no trouble following the pattern. My 1st grand baby is due in about 3 weeks. Don't no if the baby is a girl or a boy but made it anyway. If a boy will enter in the county fair for others to appreciate;) if a girl will stroll with baby wearing the little hat for all to admire;). ...a Grandma's dream;)
marylou said…
I just knit this hat - an evening knit - SO cute - I simply love it - have a picture but don't know how to post it - would be happy to send it to anyone who would like to see it -
Anonymous said…
I love this hat! Thank you for sharing. I used 100% cotton in fresh spring colours and it turned out fantastic. Here's a link with pictures:
Anonymous said…
I have made this hat several times and I love it! So do the Moms who have received them as gifts. Sooooo cute! Thanks so much for sharing.
Anonymous said…
I have just completed this hat and although it is very pretty , it is also very big for a baby hat. I used DK and also 4.5mm needles but it is certainly much too big for a baby.
Mags said…
This looks cute, but what size. Is it 0 -3 months, 3 - 6 month, 6 to 9 months etc etc. I would love to try it. I am looking for a 6 - 9 month pattern.
Unknown said…
I love all your patterns,simple to read and follow
thank you so much for sharing
glenys xx
Unknown said…
Have to add this to my box of baby clothes for my kids and their friends. It looks just like the gumnut babies hats
Unknown said…
I absolutely love this pattern, I have knitted this hat dozens of times, sometimes using different edging colours and sometimes doing eyelets all over which looks good bright red and green looks like a strawberry. I recently lost my copy of the pattern and was distraught lol managed to find your site again and get myself another copy - thank you it's a great and siple pattern
Anonymous said…
Very cute pattern! I made it in a Baby Fair Isle DK ! Adorable little gift.

Anonymous said…
I am trying to find out that on the pattern you say after 8 rows you got bored. Are they knit 1 purl 1 rows or knit 1 row, purl 1 row?

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