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I’m Reshma, the creator behind Indian Inspired Ethnic Jewelry by AhKriti. AhKriti in Sanskrit means “a beautiful form” . I was born and raised in Bengaluru, India, but I now live in Mississauga, Canada. I have always loved to accessorise my dresses with chunky necklaces and when I got the chance to learn to bead, there has been no looking back. The AhKriti collection  is an explosion of vibrant colors - they are bold and confident just like the women who are drawn to wearing my ethnic creations. The fusion of Indian with western designs, the mix of silver and pewter with gemstones  make the AhKriti collection very exotic.  I like keeping my jewelry affordable and I also think that the wearer should feel special by accessorising that elegant blouse for a fabulous look in a jiffy.

The Indian Inspired Ethnic Jewelry by AhKriti can be purchased at

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